Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Teddy and me...

Just a quick note about me, before I became a Lupus patient advocate on YouTube and online, I was an activist for Lupus research and additional funding to support medical advances within my community and was fortunate enough to attend three Democratic National Conventions - two as a Delegate from California (1996 and 2004) and one as a volunteer for the producers of the 2000 Convention in Los Angeles. While the support for Lupus research and additional funding was a cause close to my heart. It was a state issue that prompted my political activism initially. I will cover more on that in later blogs.

memory in my head today --
Boston 2004 Democratic National Convention Hall - I'm psyched I just saw Ben Affleck and continue down a corridor when I see a group that includes Senator Ted Kennedy coming towards me. Smiling and looking directly at him, I ask the Senator "Are you in the loop for Lupus?" He relies "Yup" and that was my moment with Teddy.

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