Monday, November 9, 2009

Before I began my LA Lupus Awareness campaign, I knew that it was going to be something special and magical. I knew because on Sunday night, October 25th, on the Sunset Strip, in the bowels of the Key Club, after the Emilie Autumn show, I met Veronica Varlow. Veronica, who is (according to her Twitter bio) the "Danger Dame of Burlesque, Filmmaker, Confidence Coach of Femme Fatales, Evil Mastermind of World Domination". I became aware of Veronica Varlow online because her body is seen in silhouette in the branding images for Purple Lab NYC. I developed a major "girl crush" on Veronica Varlow as soon as I saw her in the videos for Purple Lab on YouTube. Veronica embodies everything that I long to be-- she is sexy, fun, warm, confident and very comfortable in her skin. Meeting and speaking with Veronica Varlow after the show was insane and beyond fabulous. In person, as she is on video, Veronica is warm, friendly and accepting. She "got" me and all that that entails. I was a bundle of passion and excitement. I felt just like I did when I was going to see a Rick Springfield concert (if you don't know who that is, Google him!). When I finally spoke with her, I was nervous and anxious but I told her all that she has brought into my life. The feeling that it is more than okay to be a woman and take up space as you walk-- own it. "Feel comfortable in your skin." Telling her about the difference that she and Purple Lab NYC have brought into my life brought tears to my eyes ("real cool", I know, but I am who I am and I got teary) and it was an incredible moment. Then, to make the moment even more incredible, she gave me the 'key' off of her neck. The 'key' that she wore on stage that night. As she put it on me, around my neck, she told me that it was a "magical" key. {I can't believe she gave me the key!}
I began to tell her about how empowering she is and how I have become "LA Lupus Lady" and that with her help and the amazing lip gloss "Huge Lips, Skinny Hips" from Purple Lab NYC that my life was changing. I was "owning" it.
To be truthful, I began this blog as a way to increase votes for my entries in the 'Kiss and Tell' contest. Now, I am going to take the inspiration and do something. I am going to start spreading Lupus Awareness around Los Angeles. She smiled and I asked her if I could give her an Orange Lupus Awareness bracelet. She immediately put it on and told me that I was going to be her guest at the VIP After-Party, which included a special reading by Emilie Autumn with Veronica and the rest of the Bloody Crumpets. I was overwhelmed by the incredibly talented women and seeing them close up and without the stage lighting made them approachable and real, honest inspirations rather than uber-talented stars of the burlesque world; though, in fact, these women before me were both.
Honoring the power of feminine bonding is an essential part of being a Lady. Finding the beauty and magic within each of us is also a crucial part of the journey. Part of my journey and process to finding the balance is this blog. Thank you for reading it and thank you to Veronica Varlow, Emilie Autumn, the Bloody Crumpets and everyone at Purple Lab NYC for inspiring me each and every day.
I've started this blog as a place to explore my issues as a woman living with Lupus and struggling to balance being an LA Lupus Lady. I am grateful for the chance to share my thoughts. Thank You for reading them. Check out my videos on YouTube at and follow me on twitter @LALupusLady. Be Well, Be Strong.

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