Sunday, October 31, 2010

"LA Lupus Lady" a Halloween costume that raises Lupus Awareness!

Not sure when I decided that I would be "LA Lupus Lady" for Halloween... After 26 years as a Lupus patient and a few years of being a Lupus advocate, I feel comfortable as @LALupusLady on twitter and once I chose my costume, or as my friend says my costume chose me. (Not unlike, a Lupus diagnosis...) I knew that I wanted to represent the strength and courage of the Lupus patient, the grace and beauty of being a Lady and most of all a sense that "raising Lupus Awareness is fun." The bright purple and orange are two colors of Lupus organizations that I support and advocate for. I enjoy finding the joy of Lupus and hope that you enjoy the video.

@LALupusLady on twitter and "LA Lupus Lady" for Halloween!